Friday, January 9, 2015

Putting together a promo video part 3

Finally, I was tasked with one final video in the series.  (If you are just reading this for the first time, go back and read parts 1 and 2 first, it will make much more sense!)  This final video was to be aimed at high school administrators.  The University's Tech Prep Program had a few high schools in the region who were NOT participating in the partnership with the University.  Of course the University was hoping to persuade them to start participating by stressing that most of the work would be done by the university and so on.  So we created a client brief for this video as well.

Video 3) High school administrator

We need to show the support of important figureheads throughout the Southeast.  Governor
Bill Walker, Senator Lisa Murkowski, Senator Cathy Munoz, Chancellor John Pugh, etc...
We need to make the admin and school boards feel they are among important people in their field.  We want them to feel that by being involved in this program, they are leaders in education.  Again, all about bragging rights.  By being involved with this program, they will be considered elite among community members and they will ultimately actively recruit students into the program.  This video is all about outlining the educational values of this program.  Using 'buzz words' if you can include them.  The 'important figures' should help reinforce the idea that the Tech Prep programs are cutting edge and that all educators should be enthused to be involved in steering kids towards these programs.  The administrators should see that many of the top people in this state consider Tech Prep programs to be very important and feel that they should join these influential people in promoting Tech Prep programs to students.

Client brief above, video below.  Do they actually go together?  Hopefully.......

Gabe Strong
G-Force Productions Digital Cinema

Putting together a promo video part 2

So on to the next installment in my series of Putting together a promo video.  Which should
probably be called Putting together a series of promo videos.  If you haven't read it yet, look
through the first post before you read this one to better understand what is going on.

So, my second video in this series, was aimed at parents.  The idea being to get parents to
encourage their high school age students to enroll in Tech Prep Programs.  Again, this video
was aimed at a totally different audience, so it had a totally different objective and feel.
When coming up with the client brief for this video, we talked about what parents would
want.  Here is the client brief for this second video

Video 2 Parent)
We have to tug at the heartstrings of the parent.  Parents from our communities want, for
 the most part, for their kids to stay in Southeast or at least within Alaska.  They are proud 
of their kids, and want great things for them.  They have a great love of their family, 
traditions, and their communities.  We have to showcase each community throughout 
Southeast.  The Tech Prep Programs are strong here in Juneau, however the smaller 
communities don't necessarily feel a strong connection to Juneau.  The video can't be
based on footage of Juneau or most of the parents won't be able to relate to it.  They need 
to be able to see shots of their community, so they identify that this is a program for them. 
Parents would be proud of their kids for attending the University of Alaska in Juneau, but 
they really are in love with their own community and want their child to succeed there.  
Tech Prep, especially for the high school years is all about the student being successful 
in their own communities.  We want to show the impact of our Tech Prep programs on 
their community.  We want to be able to illustrate how their child could make them proud 
by working within their communities and giving back to the community.  We want to make
 this video a 'warm fuzzy' for the parent watching.  It's all about potential bragging rights. 
 Parents love to brag about their kids.  this video could be longer (than 2 minutes) 
because parents have more patience in watching informational videos, especially moms.  
Maybe use interviews with parents and students to highlight key issues??

So with the client brief in mind, here is what I produced for the second film.

Gabe Strong
G-Force Productions Digital Cinema