Sunday, December 21, 2014

Something for the holidays.

I now interrupt the series on putting together promo videos for this holiday message.
Which is a holiday message about producing promo videos.  So honestly it's
not really an interruption.

I was hired to make a video promoting the annual Alaska Governor's Christmas open house
event.  For those of you who have never been to it, it goes a little something like this.
Basically, a bunch of very friendly local elves make around 25,000 cookies and
almost 300 pounds of fudge.  Then people stand in line for an hour or so to get into
the Governor's mansion.  While standing in line, state commissioners will serve you hot
chocolate, cider and cookies.  Once you get inside, you get a chance to meet and shake
hands with the Governor and his family, and eat a bunch of cookies, fudge, and other
goodies, drink punch, check out festive gingerbread houses and traditional holiday
train sets, and listen to Christmas carols.  It's a very popular event in Alaska's capital
city, ESPECIALLY among the children.  Anyways, here is the video:

Gabe Strong
G-Force Productions Digital Cinema

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