Sunday, September 14, 2014


Earlier this summer I got a call from cinematographer Robert Howell from Texas.  I had
worked with him a year or two before, on a shoot in Juneau, and he was wondering if I
would like to fly to Sitka to help him on another shoot.  This one was for a nationwide
social media contest....Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the Year.  An national agency needed promo videos made of each of the top 3 Good Neighbor Pharmacies.  Then the videos would go up on social media, and people all over the nation would view the videos and vote for their favorite.  So it was for the web, but being a national ad agency, they wanted high quality video.  Robert brought his F3 along.  We rigged it up to record Pro Res to an external recorder.  I gave it the nickname 'Megatron 6000'

Robert is totally chill and a fun guy to work with.  We spent a couple days running around
Sitka, shooting interviews

And B-Roll

The video we were shooting, was a promo video for Harry Race Pharmacy in Sitka.
After the videos were posted,  people all over the nation began viewing and voting for their favorite one to win Good Neighbor Pharmacy of the year.  In late August, the winner was announced....
and it was Harry Race Pharmacy!  Here is the video itself:

Just a couple days ago, Sony announced yet another big sensor camera the Sony FS7.
It looks like it will be a very good one!  4k, 10 bit internal recording, and so on.  But it's nice to remember that good cameras from the the F3, can still put out really nice looking work, and make you money.  For a lot of clients, even a national ad agency, an 'outdated' camera like the F3 will do the job just fine!!

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