Thursday, November 1, 2012

My new blog


I've been thinking about starting a production blog for awhile now.  More than a year ago, 
I purchased a Sony NEX FS100 super 35 HD camera to move my business into the next
phase.  I was one of the early adopters, and I was lucky enough to be asked to write a 
review on the camera for  You can read that review here.  I received plenty
of emails and even phone calls from cinematographers and video producers around the country 
who had a lot of questions about the camera.  I spent a good bit of time, helping them learn
more about the camera.  David Hurd of dhpvideo (who also does a blog here) decided to buy the
camera after talking on the phone with me.  I was then hired to teach a class on the camera
by several organizations, and others started to hire me on digital cinema consulting gigs.
And so, the idea for my blog was born.  In the course of my research, buying, and
consulting, I've found a few  'hidden surprises' that I will be telling you about in the pages of this blog.
Upcoming will be reviews of lenses (concentrated on their usefulness for moving pictures),
a little known slider, a cheap but awesome video card upgrade for a Mac Pro, a neat
trick in Adobe CS6 to help Mac video editors gain some speed, and much more.
I'm sure I'll also talk about the challenges of running a company like this, in a small town
in Alaska.  Welcome, and I hope you get something from this blog!

Gabe Strong
G-Force Productions
Digital Cinema

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